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Kindergarten Parent Handbook

Kindergarten Information

School Phone 541-663-3241         


Monday  9:00-2:20

Tuesday -Friday  8:00-2:20

Morning Drop-off

There will be supervision for your children on the playground from 7:40-8:00 am.

During this time, please drop off your child at the playground instead of the classroom.  Parents and children are also asked to arrive no earlier than 7:40 am as no supervision is available.  On Monday there will be supervision from 8:40-9:00 on the playground.

Afternoon Pick-up

When picking up your child at school, please wait outside.  Staff will bring the students to a waiting area outside for release each day at 2:20 pm.  Each teacher will let you know where they would like you to gather after school for pick up.  Please make sure your child gives the teacher a high-five before leaving.  

Bus Riders

Please let me know if your child will be riding a bus and what bus they need to be on.  The bus company number is 541-963-6119.  The bus company WILL NOT drop off any kindergartner who does not have an adult waiting for them at their bus stop or a note verifying a responsible older sibling to walk with.  If no one is there, the bus driver will keep them on the bus and return them to school.  If your child has a change in afternoon transportation, please contact the office or the classroom teacher.


Breakfast will be available to students between 7:40 and 8:00 am every morning, Tuesday through Friday and 8:40-9:00 am every Monday morning.  Depending on the classroom, Kindergarteners eat lunch between 11:00-11:30 every day.  All breakfasts and lunches are free for kindergarten students.

If your child brings lunch from home, please be sure to include an ice pack if there is anything that needs to stay cold.  

NOTE:  School begins promptly at 8:00 am Tuesday-Friday and 9:00 am on Monday.  If you choose to have your child eat breakfast at school, please make sure they arrive early enough to finish before school begins.  

Supply Fees

School supplies have been purchased for each student in the class.  Each class is asking for $30 per student to cover supply costs.  Please bring supply money as soon as possible.  If you need to pay in installments let us know and we can make arrangements.  All supply fees should be brought to the school office.


Please send a note in their backpack, either for a pre-arranged absence or after an absence has occurred.  You can also call the office on the day(s) your child is absent. (Office Phone # 541-663-3241 )

After School Change of Plans  

If you need to change how your child gets home from their normal schedule, please send a note to school or call the office.  If your child is usually on the bus, you need to also call the bus company.


On each child’s birthday, they will have a special day at school!

  • Please let us know if your family does not celebrate birthdays.

  • If you would like to send treats to school on your child’s birthday, please let the teacher know in advance.  Classroom birthdays will be celebrated near the end of the day.

  • Please do not bring invitations for after school parties to distribute at school.


Please make sure your child does not bring toys to school unless specifically asked by the teacher.  The school nor the teacher will be responsible for lost or stolen items.  

Medicines At School

If your child needs medicine while at school (including inhalers) a parent needs to bring it into the school office in it’s original container and fill our the proper paperwork from the secretary.


We are happy to have parent volunteers in class! We are looking for parents to volunteer in the classroom on a consistent basis.  If your schedule allows you to have regular time (weekly or daily) to help and if you are interested, please contact the classroom teacher as soon as possible and we will work out the details.

There are also opportunities to have materials sent home for parents to work on and have sent back to school with your child.


  • We will have snack time once per day.

  • Please send a healthy snack for the whole class once a month.

  • Please do NOT send chips, candy, or cookies.

Here are examples of healthy snacks vs. not healthy snacks

Healthy 😊

Not Healthy 😕



Baby Carrots


Graham Crackers

Granola Bars

Animal Crackers


Potato Chips


Fruit Snacks

Fruit Roll-Ups

NOTE: A monthly supply of snack, for example, would be 1 box of crackers.  If you’d like to bring fruit, please rinse it and have it prepared ahead of time.  

Field Trips

We will go on at least one field trip this year.  When we have details, information and permission slips will be sent home.  


  • Bathroom accidents happen sometimes.  Please keep an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack just in case.  

  • We will use paint and glue in the classroom regularly.  Please make sure your child wears clothes that can withstand stains.

  • Flip-flops and slip on sandals are often very cute, but not very practical or safe for playground activities.

Potty Accidents

Kindergarten students will have bathroom accidents now and then. Willow’s protocol for students who have bathroom accidents at school are as follows:

  • the student must bring a change of clothes or change clothes at school if the school has the correct sizes,

  • if the student has an accident then the student must clean and change themselves,

  • if the student can not clean himself or herself, then the parent is called in to assist the student,

  • if parents refuse to come in, then emergency contacts are called and then DHS is called.  

  • As you know this all changes with a medical diagnosis and a 504 or IEP.

PE:  The class have PE once a week each Monday.  Students can keep an old pair of gym shoes in their cubby to change into or they can wear PE shoes every Monday. Mr. Wing is our PE teacher.

Music:  Students will have music every week on Tuesday and Thursday with Mrs. Dunlap.

Counseling: Students have counselling on Wednesday with Mrs. Gooderham.

Library: The class will have library each Friday with Mrs. Lester.


Please write your child’s name inside their coat and backpack.  Every year we have students with the same clothes and it is helpful if they have their names inside.

Friday Folders

  • Every Friday, your child will bring home newsletters and classroom work in his or her Friday Folder.

  • Please clean out the folder, and return it the following school day after looking through all of the materials.  This will be the primary home/school communicator.  

Classroom/Behavior Management

We spend a lot of time in kindergarten building a community and learning how to get along well with others.  In September and throughout the year we spend a considerable amount of time learning problem solving strategies.  Kids also learn how to become good listeners and good helpers.  Student will be encouraged to maintain safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors.  We use a lot of positive reinforcement in class to help kids continue to make good choices at school.  Good behavior is always celebrated and rewarded.  

Sometimes kindergarteners test their boundaries and for some children it can be difficult to learn how to be a helpful student.  Unfortunately, consequences are sometimes necessary.

If your child has a problem behavior in class, he/she will first be redirected.  Then he or she will receive a verbal warning.  If the behavior continues, he/she will be asked to briefly refocus in another area, possibly outside of the classroom.  

What does it mean to have problem behaviors in class?  Here are some examples:

  • Excessive talking during instruction

  • Rough play

  • Being disruptive

  • Defiant or noncompliant behavior

  • Misuse or harming of classroom materials

  • Physically hurting others

  • Saying mean or hurtful words to others

In the case of bullying, hitting, kicking or any other behavior causing harm to others, children will instantly be sent to a refocus area and may result in a call to the parents.  Upon the discretion of the teacher/principal, students may be asked to leave school for the day.  

If behavior problems consistently continue, the student will be placed on a behavior check-in/check-out system.  Their behavior will be monitored closely during each classroom activity throughout the day and will receive a reward at the end of each day for good behavior.    

Positive behavior is rewarded with “Caught Bee-ing Good” tickets.  Teachers often hand out “Bee Tickets” for students who have been caught being safe, respectful, or responsible throughout the day.  Please celebrate with your child when they receive these in class!       

Thank you for your support in making this a memorable and successful school year!